4play Herring Lowrider 19cm

The 4 Play Lowrider lures have an erratic and vibrating action and are lethal for Pike
Manufacturer: Savage Gear

Savage Gear's unique family of 4Play baits are some of the best Pike lures currently available. They even work for big bass if you prefer the saltier end of the fishing spectrum. 

The triple jointed body allows the lure to swim and move through the water like the real thing. A true innovation and making it a very very effective and easily-fished lure. All supplied with premium quality Japanese carbon steel trebles and extra strong forged split rings.

The 4Play Low Rider lures have an erratic and vibrating action and can also be fished slowly and with spin stops when the fish are sluggish.

Weighs 52g.

Products specifications
Length 19cm
Depth 3m - 5m
Species Zander, Pike, Bass
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