832 Advanced Superline (300yds) (GHOST)

Easily the strongest, most durable small-diameter fishing braid on the market.
Manufacturer: Sufix

The strain a line can take.


Sufix 832 Advanced Superline is the strongest, most durable small diameter braid on the market.

R8 Precision Braiding and fiber technology provides superior strength, roundness and line consistency.

Constructed of 8 fibers (7 Dyneema plus 1 GORE Performance Fiber) and 32 weaves (pics) per inch.

GORE Performance Fibers improve abrasion resistance, increase casting distance & accuracy and reduce line vibration. Dyneema fibers provide high strength & sensitivity, hydrophobic water-repellent protection and small diameter.


* Featuring GORE Performance Fiber

* R8 Precision Braiding Technology

* Constructed With Dyneema Fibers

* Ultimate Abrasion Resistance

* Unbeatable Strength

* Proven Castability Improvements

* TGP Technology Enhances Color Retention Sufix 832 Advanced Superline Lb Test / Diameter 10lb / .20mm (mono equivalent 4lb) 20lb / .23mm (mono equivalent 6lb) 30lb / .29mm (mono equivalent 8lb)

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