Plug Wallet- Large

Innovative and very tough fabric pouches to transport your lures- whether plugs or soft plastics
Manufacturer: Lucky Craft

Lucky Craft Bait Wraps are designed to hold your lures securely. The wrap consists of tough nylon fabric with a slick interior made up of solid transparent plastic puches which are totally resistant to hook points digging in. Unlike some plug wallets on the market, the heavy duty Velcro lining completely seals the perimeter of the wrap so that it securely fastens with no room for twisting or jostling loose.

At 14" in length by 5" in width(closed), the Large Lucky Craft Brent Ehrler Bait Wraps are the perfect size for your lures, whatever they're size and the Wrap helps to keep you super mobile and able to travel as light as possible. 

Products specifications
Length 14"