Crazy Sandeel 220 body

The big daddy of the amazing Crazy Sandeel range. Just as deadly, only now it's even bigger!
Manufacturer: Fiiish

Monster Tackle was amongst the first companies in the UK to start stocking the brilliant Fiiish Crazy Sandeel. We're delighted to present the amazing new Fiiish Crazy Sandeel 220 Series. Like the Crazy Sandeel 100 and 150 which we all know are lethal, only longer!

Still deadly for bass, pollack and wrasse. They have an absolutely incredible action in the water, and the long sinuous bodies are irresistable to predatory fish. With an aperture designed to have a Fiiish Crazy Sandeel Rattle inserted- this really makes the lure the ultimate soft plastic when you add sound and vibration to the incredible swim action of the Crazy!

3 bodies per pack

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