Crystal 3D Minnow Magnum (F)

Superlative quality and huge value for money lure.
Manufacturer: Yo-Zuri

The Crystal 3D Minnow Magnum represents the next generation of Crystal Minnow. Yo-Zuri have take the proven action of the original Crystal Minnow and improved it!

The 3D Minnow features a brilliant crystal fish attracting reflection with bleeding Ruby and UV Sapphire balanced casting weights. All wrapped up in a durable ABS body with sharper and stronger treble hooks...

Yo-Zuri lures are created by the most skilled Japanese engineers and craftsmen. The well balanced shape, excellent reaction and brilliant colours of Yo-Zuri lures make them some of the World's highest quality lures.

Products specifications
Stockcode YZF986
Length 16.5cm
Weight 42g
Depth 1' - 3'
Species Warm water pelagics
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