Crazy Sandeel 150 Offshore Combo (20g head)

The Fiiish Crazy Sandeel combo pack comes ready to fish! All you need to do is get fishing!
Manufacturer: Fiiish

New to the Fiiish range, the Crazy Sandeel is Fiiish's latest product.

These are slightly simpler to construct than the Black Minnow series as the Crazy Sandeel has a fixed rather than an articulated jighead.

The extra long body has a truly fantastic life-like motion and will be sure to attract any nearby predators. Watch one of these lures move through the water and you will be blown away!

Used from the shore or jigged/retrieved from a boat, these are one of Fiiish's most popular new products and have certainly been getting great results from UK and European lure fishermen.

Each Combo Pack includes one pre-rigged Fiiish Crazy Sandeel lure and a spare body. 

Products specifications
Length 150mm
Weight 20g
Depth Sinking
Species Wrasse, Bass, Pollack, Pike
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