Death Adder 4"

Small grub bait that's gained a big reputation over time, especially in Europe where fisherman have been catching large bass.
Manufacturer: Deps

Natural body (25% salt), tail vibrations transmitted by very thin tail section are an irresistible attraction for the bass, which swallow the Death Adder without hesitation.

Multiple rigging options: weightless, Texas jig head, Wacky and more.

8 per packet.

Body Form and Material: The lure is made out of a specially formulated plastic which allows the Deathadder to hold large quantities of salt with better performance. The lure was produced to replicate a realistic small baitfish. The body surface was designed in order to be suitable for each kind of technique. The Deathadder material is filled with a 25% injection of salt allowing greater cast-ability and a natural falling action. The Deathadder's plastic is extremely durable and is noted for catching twice as many fish per bait over other leading brands.

Hook Settings-

Horizontal Hook Setting: In the case of a weightless rig with an offset hook, the Deathadder uses the pressure of the water to swim naturally and lifelike on the surface. You can jerk it to imitate an escaping baitfish, or you can put on a Jighead or Rubber Jig for a slow and natural descent. You can also retrieve it on the bottom by a sequence of small up and down jumps.

Vertical Hook Setting: Rig the lure weightless for a zig-zag lure fall, or put it on a Jighead or Rubber Jig for a lifelike side to side swimming style. You can also use this set up to make the Deathadder act as a trailer on a spinnerbait to increase it's versatility.

Deep Grove: With the vertical setting and using an offset hook, you can take advantage of the specially designed deep-slit for easy hook setting. This feature increases the number of correct hooksets and makes your rig totally weedless.

Products specifications
Stockcode DADDER4
Length 4" / 10cm
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