Deep Diving Lures

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Crystal Minnow Deep Diver 11cm

Very deep-diving and ultra-realistic lure with 3D eyes from Yo-Zuri.

Deep Down Husky Jerk

Classic Rapala action, matched with a deeper-diving profile than the regular Husky Jerk.

Deep Tail Dancer

Taking all the positive attributes from the original Rapala Tail Dancer, with its banana style body and deadly wobble, the Rapala Deep Tail Dancer is an extra deep diving lure that can swim between 25' to 30'.

Saltwater Staysee 120 SP

Lucky Craft
Lethal for bass, the Staysee 120 SP is a deep-diving jerkbait- perfect for targeting those bottom-feeding giants
£14.39 £11.51

Saltwater Staysee 90 SP

Lucky Craft
Deep diving jerkbait, particularly effective for bass and other predatory species.
£14.50 £11.59


The Rapala Sliver is one of the most productive Rapala saltwater lures in UK waters. Diving between 9' - 11' the Rapala Sliver can be cast or trolled and is excellent for bass off the boat.

X-Rap 14 Saltwater

The Rapala X Rap 14 is the big brother to the original Rapala X-Rap models, with all the cosmetic features. The Rapala X Rap 14 has a proven long-cast system for accurate, bullet-like casts to the lurking fish.

X-Rap Deep 10

Superlative super-deep diver. If the bass are feeding deep, this lure seeks them out!

X-Rap Magnum 15

This beast of a lure is for targeting truly sizeable predatory fish.