Diving Lures

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Feed Shallow 155

Tackle House
All new super-size version of this legendary lure!

Balisong Minnow 130 SP SW

Increasingly rare suspending jerkbait from Deps
£25.00 £21.30


Fully controllable sinking classic!

CountDown Magnum 11

The Rapala Magnum sinking CountDown lure delivers the best performance for hard hitting bass.

CountDown Magnum 14

Bigger size of the timeless Rapala CountDown Magnum. An ageless lure.

DB Minnow

A highly-detailed, suspending jerkbait which is lethal for bass

DC Classic Shad SP

A classic Daiwa suspending lure which can dive up to 9 feet

Flash Minnow 130

Lucky Craft

Hound 125F Fang

Capable of huge casting distances, this beautiful lure floats unless you tell it otherwise!

Hound 125F Orca

Deeper diving-version of the IMA Hound 125F Glide

Husky Jerk 14cm

Perfectly balanced, the Rapala Husky Jerk can be cast or trolled at any speed and still run true. The Rapala Husky Jerk dives to depths bettwen 4' - 8'.

Jointed J11

The Rapala Jointed J11 fishing lure is ideally suited to any fishing situation. Whether you're casting or trolling the exaggerated action of the Rapala Jointed unique baitfish-in-distress behavior will trigger strikes when everything else fails.

Jointed J13

The Rapala Jointed J13 lure is ideally suited to any fishing situation. Diving to depths of between 4' to 14' the Rapala Jointed J13 is a lethal bass catcher.

Jointed Shad Rap

Suspending, rattling and joined, this Shad Rap rings the dinner-bell for nearby predators.

Mag Minnow

The Yo-Zuri Mag Minnow is very long-casting and has an excellent wriggling action.

Metsuki 130 (Floating)

Hokkaido by Alcedo
Super long-casting lure with a deadly action. One of our best-kept secrets.
£13.00 £9.10

Metsuki 150 (Floating)

Hokkaido by Alcedo
Join the Metsuki revolution! When someone is using a Metsuki, they are ahead of the curve already.
£13.00 £9.10

Prey 91

Savage Gear
Suspending, rolling lure from Savage Gear. Great value for money.
£7.96 £6.36

Salt Pro Minnow

Very long-casting substantial hard lure
£8.80 £7.48

Saltwater Flash Minnow 130 MR

Lucky Craft
The Lucky Craft Flash Minnow 130 MR has the erratic swimming action these lures are famous and admired for.

Saruna 110F

Excellent undulating minnow-style lure from Smith Co. (Japan)
£16.49 £14.86

Saruna 125F

A brilliant, long-casting lure from Smith Co. (Japan)
£16.79 £15.12

Shad Master

Outstanding Daiwa Crankbait

Shad Rap 05

Legendary Rapala hard lure. Classic wounded-minnow action that drives predators wild.