DUO Tide Vib Slim 140

A Vib-style, vibrating lure with massive casting range. Lethal!
Manufacturer: Duo

Duo are one of the best known names in lure fishing. Their legendary Tide Minnow is on the pantheon of the all-time most effective bass lures. This Tide Vib Slim is Duo's new generation of vibration-type lure with a slim bladed shape and plenty of weight. This lure casts far better than traditional minnows and the shape of the Vib's body- and the positioning of the the clip link at the top of the back above the head rather than on the nose- creates an amazing vibrating, pulsing action which is far more effective than the usual internal rattle. 

As you retrieve the Vib, you will feel this incredible vibrating action clearly through your line- it is this action which has made Vib lures a game-changer in UK lure fishing. We have been simply amazed by the number of fish being taken on Vibe lures this season, they have become simply indispensible. 

Products specifications
Length 140mm
Weight 32g
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