Fiiish Lure Clip Snaps

Brilliant, durable lure clips from Fiiish
Manufacturer: Fiiish

Here at Monster Tackle, we must've tried almost every type of lure clip currently manufactured. These new clips from Fiiish- the genius company behind the game-changing Black Minnow series- are some of the best we've used and we're delighted to be stocking them. 

The key to a good lure clip is simplicity. It must be easy to use in low light, no light and when fingers are freezing cold! It needs to be tough, and to last. It's that simply. This new lure clip from Fiiish ticks all the boxes. and in a great range of breaking strains, there is a clip for you whether you're LRF fishing, bassing, piking or fishing on holiday. 

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