Fireline Braid 300yds

This is outstanding fishing braid, and excellent value for money.
Manufacturer: Berkley

An angler's line is key to his results. It is also key to his enjoyment of fishing- we all need to feel what our lure is doing, and we all want to enjoy the fight when we're lucky enough to have a good fish at the end of our line! Unfortunately, quality fishing braid does not come cheap, but Berkley are doing their bit to make it a lot more affordable!

FireLine Braid: the smooth handling superline. Advanced technology Berkley FireLine Braid is now 20 percent stronger than before. This thermal filament casts more easily, ties better knots, and stays more hassle-free than conventional braids. Along with exceptional strength, Berkley FireLine Braid delivers ultimate sensitivity for instant feel, and the ultrathin diameter provides low visibility and incredible lure action.

It won't deteriorate over a lifetime. Ultra-light rays or sunlight won't affect it. And neither will the cold. No other line delivers this combination of easy handling, castability, super strength and sensitivity.

Berkley FireLine Braid FL30010-42 10lb / 300 yards, 4lb mono equivalent
Berkley FireLine Braid FL30014-42 14lb / 300 yards, 6lb mono equivalent
Berkley FireLine Braid FL30020-42 20lb / 300 yards, 8lb mono equivalent
Berkley FireLine Braid FL30020-42 20lb / 300 yards, 12lb mono equivalent

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Stockcode FL300-42
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