Hound 125F Glide

Another work of art from IMA! One of the very finest long-casting lures for bass.
Manufacturer: ima

This lure simply defies the laws of physics! Together with the Megabass Zonk 120, I have never encountered a lure which can be cast such stupendously long distances. This is due to the Hound 125F Glide's incredible weight-transfer system, and you simply won't believe it when you first fire one out. Absolutely ideal for windy days when other lures simply aren't achieving the distance you need. 

The Hound 125F Glide has a diving action of only a few inches, and as you'd expect possesses the very beautiful finish characteristic of all IMA lures. 

Products specifications
Stockcode HD125G
Length 12.5cm
Weight 20g
Depth 1'-2'
Species Bass
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