Individual Body Savagear Sandeel 10cm

The definitive salt water sandeel lure from Savage Gear- now sold individually so you can choose the exact number you want!
Manufacturer: Savage Gear

The massive success of the brilliant Savage Gear Saltwater Sandeel range has led to a very high demand from anglers to have the most popular colours available. Rather than biying the most popular loose bodies in set amounts in packs, we are now selling the bodies individually.

Choose as many as you like- they will be sent to you without packaging, to allow the angler to replace and experiment with different colours and order as many or as few as they might like to try. 

For the 10cm loose bodies, Savage Gear 16g jigheads are available from Monster Tackle in either normal or weedless variations. 

-Hand-poured lamination colours
-Real sandeel swimming action and profile
-Superb for Seabass, Cod, Pollack and any other Prey Hunting predators.


Products specifications
Length 10cm
Depth Sinking
Species Bass, Cod, Coalfish, Pollack
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