Large Lure Box

Holds 14 lures
Manufacturer: Snowbee

This is a very well thought out and finished lure box from our friends over at Snowbee!

This Snowbee lure box features 14 individual compartments in a double sided, self draining box! Its unique boat shape profile, allows one arm of the trebles to sit down in the keel slot allowing the lure to sit comfortably in the V formed by the other two arms. Simple, but highly effective!

The double sided design also features clear lids for quick identification, plus drain / ventilation holes, so lures can be washed down after use in saltwater, left to dry in the box with adequate ventilation to prevent corrosion.

Snowbee Lure Box Dimensions

25 x 18 x 5cms

Products specifications
Stockcode 14152
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