Lure Boxes

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Large Long Lure Box

Holds 9 lures

Large Lure Box

Holds 14 lures

Lure Box (Deep and Big)

Savage Gear
Extremely tough and durable lure box. Comes with heavy duty clips and removable slats for adjusting the box to fit your lures. Essential!

Lure Box (Standard)

Savage Gear
Very tough lure box from Savage which can be configured to your preference

Plug Wallet- Large

Lucky Craft
Innovative and very tough fabric pouches to transport your lures- whether plugs or soft plastics

Pocket in Mebaru Set

Small pocket Mebaru set. Jig heads and worms in a pocket sized box.

Small Long Lure Box

Holds 7 lures

Small multi box

A small well built multi box ideal for storing lure clips, swivels and beads.

Soft Binder Bag - Black

Storage bag for a selection of soft lures