Nabarone 125F

Outstanding floating minnow from two of the best in the business, capable of being cast very long distances
Manufacturer: ima

The Nabarone 125F (floating) was designed by two leading Japanese lure manufacturers, IMA and DUO and represents a wonderful mix of the best bits from both of these legandary companies. Developed to target Japanese Sea Bass, this lure has accounted for some great fish in the UK / Europe over the past few years and has a dedicated following amongst savvy European lure fishermen.

An internal weight transfer system produced good casting distances for a lure of this specification. Fish it twitching, on a jerking, steady and slow-ish retrieve and you can expect to draw the attention of any bass in the vicinity.

A very versatile hard bait, we can't recommended it highly enough. 

Products specifications
Stockcode LEIM1501
Length 12.5cm
Weight 16g
Depth 1' - 3'
Species Bass, Pollack, Pike, Zander
Spool 100m
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