Performance Braid - 300yds Lo-Vis Yellow

Almost certainly the best-performing and best value for money fishing braid currently available.
Manufacturer: Sufix

The strain a line can take.


Sufix Performance Braid in Lo-Vis Yellow has great castability to abrasion resistance and knot strength, this incredible line excels in every category. Its soft, supple feel makes it completely compatible with spinning reels - something that very few braids can claim. The exclusive Y6 Digital Braiding process produces a tighter braid pattern that won't unwind under the severest conditions.

A specially formulated finish protects it from abrasion caused by contact with weed, rocks and debris. Because it has virtually no stretch, all it takes is a short upswing of the rod and even the lightest-biting fish is hooked.

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Probably the best value and best-performing fishing braid available today.