Pocket in Mebaru Set

Small pocket Mebaru set. Jig heads and worms in a pocket sized box.
Manufacturer: Ecogear

The standard method for rockfish, is cast and retrieve. By changing your count or weight on the line you can adjust your fishing range, and narrow down on where the fish are hiding. When it's hard to find where the rockfish are hiding, you can switch to a high appeal "GRASS MINNOW" lure and cover a greater area in shorter time. Once you start getting bites on the line, switching over to a "POWER SHIRASU" for hooking up the fish, will give you an effective means to increase your fishing success. The most important thing when going over rockfish is to have a lure that is stable in the water. Even if the worm is just set a little bit off it can’t keep its stable form in the water. Also changing the weight on the jig head when fishing a range with rockfish can be a very effective measure.

*The colour and type of lure included in the package are subject to change without notice.

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