Salt Skimmer 110F

The legendary IMA surface lure, with an absolutely unparalleled swimming action. Deadly.
Manufacturer: ima

Created by Japanese designer Hide Iimura, the IMA Salt Skimmer 110F is a slender stickbait. When stopped, the IMA Salt Skimmer 110F is positioned at an angle with its head above water, ready to burst forward at the slightest touch. This is precisely the action imparted by an injured or distressed baitfish, and as good as rings the dinner bell for nearby predatory species. 

All in all, a superlative quality 'Walk the Dog' lure from IMA. Ideal for fan's of Lucky Craft's Sammy series, the Skimmer will be deadly in much the same situations.

This is the salt water version with an extra tungsten ball in the tail and an extra 4g weight to aid casting and action in the sea. Like all IMA lures, it is very easy to achieve significant casting distances with the Salt Skimmer, even considering its slender profile. 

Products specifications
Stockcode LEIM0251
Length 11cm
Weight 14g
Depth 0'
Species Bass
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