Saltwater Gunfish 115

The Gunfish 115 is one of the most effective surface lures ever made.
Manufacturer: Lucky Craft

The Gunfish 115 is a larger version of Gunfish 95. The Gunfish 115 is the latest of an extensive series of next generation topwater baits. It features a slim tapered body design and uniquely shaped-cupped mouth.

The configuration of the mouth makes the bait splash and pop like no other.

The Gunfish 115 glides across the waters surface with a tight "walk the dog" action similar to the Sammy series. The distinct difference with the Gunfish 115 is the incredible fluid motion of the bait on retrieve.

This topwater lure will allow you to catch bass even under highly pressured situations. The resin/tungsten composite weighting system of the Gunfish will allow you to cast it a mile, and approach these fish from vantage points inaccessible with conventional topwaters. This will effectively catch those finicky bass without alerting them to your location.

Products specifications
Stockcode SW-GF115
Length 11.5cm
Weight 19g
Depth 0
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