Saltwater Sandeel 16cm / 42g

Many lure anglers believe this to be the best Sandeel-mimic bass lure available today.
Manufacturer: Savage Gear

The soft-bodied Savage Gear 16cm Saltwater Sandeel lure is a supernatural sandeel imitation, originally designed for vertical fishing, this smaller version is also ideal for inshore fishing as a swimbait or trolling for any predatory species.

Savage Gear 16cm Saltwater Sandeel lures have the most realistic swimming action that hard fighting predators, such as bass and pollack just love. Each pack contains 2 Bodies & 1 Head, armed with top quality Japanese carbon steel saltwater grade hooks.

Products specifications
Stockcode SGEEL160
Length 16cm
Weight 42g
Species Bass, Cod, Coalfish, Pollack
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