Shudder Bait

Awesome vibrating soft plastic, the Deps Shudder Bait represents a new concept in the world of soft baits.
Manufacturer: Deps

Under a slow retrieve the Shudder Bait's tail produces a large number of vibrations, mimicking in a very natural way a foraging bait fish, food of any bass. This unique and realistic movement and vibration with any type of recovery, make the Shudder Bait completely different from the usual shad and grub.

Multiple rigging options -Texas rig, weightless and weighted jig head.

6 per packet.

Body Form and Material: The Shudder Bait has been created from a composite mould of non salted materials in order to reach a more succinct floating control. Our particular material formula allows a perfect combination of strength, softness and action. Those features combined with the ultra soft tail, produce and represent a wonderful lifelike swimming style. Shudder Tail: Inspired by studying real baitfish, we designed an ultra active moving tail to respond to every rod movement. The designed balance of the lure means there isn't any kind of spin or rotation and the tail vibrations go directly to the rod tip. This tail action attracts even the most difficult fish whilst supplying you with a lot of sensitiveness. Hook Setting: If Texas rigged or No-Sinker rigged, ensure that the curve of the belly is facing upwards nearer to the tail that the head. If you're rigging the Shudder Bait on a jighead, make sure the curve of the belly is facing downwards, again closer to the tail than the head. This set up ensures that you get the best swim position with each rig at all times. We advise a 4/0-5/0 Wide Gap Offset Hook. In case of high speed retrieves, we advice to use a 6/0 Offset Hook, in order to increase the stability and to make a better hookset.

Products specifications
Stockcode ShudderBait
Length 12.5cm
Weight 15g
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