Snowbee Aluminium Fishing Lip Grip

Superb, rugged tool allowing the angler to simultaneously hold a fish safely and weigh it
Manufacturer: Snowbee
The Snowbee ‘Lip Grip’ tool is a fantastically rugged tool which allows the angler to hold and unhook a fish securely by its lower lip without having to touch the fish– ideal for catch and release fishing which we here at Monster Tackle fully support. 
Simple, one-handed operation, via a finger ‘trigger’, which opens and releases the jaws. It has a swivel facility, allowing the gripper to rotate without releasing the fish and also a calibration-tested 0-20kg scale built into the handle. The Lip Grip comes complete with a coil lanyard and clip which can be attached to a D-ring on a fishing harness or belt
Please note that the best way to ensure the fish remains unharmed when your intention is to release it is to ensure at all times that its weight is fully supported in the water. Simply apply the lip grip and allow the fish to float while you take care of unhooking. If the fish needs to be lifted from the water make sure to support its weight. 
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