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Gambit Glass Rattle

Supercharge your soft plastic lure to add sound and vibration to the equation.
$10.13 $8.10

Nanofil 300yds

Very advanced Fishing Line, constructed from Dyneema.
$39.82 $31.89

Plug Wallet- Large

Lucky Craft
Innovative and very tough fabric pouches to transport your lures- whether plugs or soft plastics

Saltwater Staysee 120 SP

Lucky Craft
Lethal for bass, the Staysee 120 SP is a deep-diving jerkbait- perfect for targeting those bottom-feeding giants
$20.10 $16.08

Sexy Impact 4.8"

Highly effective and hugely versatile Keitech softie
$13.97 $11.17

Sexy Impact 5.8"

Largest version of the outstanding Sexy Impact
$15.36 $12.27

Slim Shad 135

Hokkaido by Alcedo
Fantastic little shallow diving lure
$9.77 $6.84

Suspending Wildeye Swim Shad 4"

A great multi-species lure; deadly wherever it's used!
$11.17 $10.06

SW Flash Pointer 140SR

Lucky Craft
The largest of the Flash Pointer suspending and shallow running lures.
$23.74 $18.98

Swing Impact 4"

This swimming action of the Swing Impact needs to be seen to be believed. Irresistable
$11.87 $9.49

Swing Impact Fat 3.8"

This is a real fattie, but fortunately bass and wrasse aren't big on dieting!
$13.26 $10.60

Swing Impact Fat 5.8"

Biggest size of the sensational Fat Swing Impact
$14.65 $11.72

Tide Minnow Slim 175 Flyer

Carefully refined larger version of the incredible Duo Tide Minnow, designed for casting extra far.
$33.52 $26.81

Tungsten Super Round Jig Head

Popular round Tungsten head with slender collar that keeps the worm very well.
$12.56 $10.04

Wizard 110

Great little shallow-running lure for Bass or Pike.
$21.65 $19.48