Sunline PE EGI MS

Excellent 4-strand, medium sinking, high vis PE line. We love this one for use at dawn or dusk!
Manufacturer: Sunline

The strain a line can take.


The line you choose to use while lure fishing is about as important a decision as you'll make when fishing. From the ability to feel and correctly work your lure, to casting distance to the enjoyment of the fight, your line governs all of these factors. Moreover, you must be able to trust it; when you have the fish of a lifetime at the end of your line, it is time to enjoy the moment, not be panicking over whether your line is going to suddenly give out! Sunline is simply as good as it gets- if the above is important to you, choose Sunline. 

Sunline PE-EGI MS is a 4-strand ultra soft high grade PE line- amazingly, it's 20% thinner than equivalent breaking strain Super PE. MS stands for medium sinking which means it's not as influenced by wind and enables you to maintain better contact with your lure. Being pink it is highly visible so is perfect for low-light conditions.

This braid has tight stitching, is very low stretch and provides high sensitivity.

All spools are 120m

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