Sunline Super Braid

Outstanding value for money option from the very best in the business
Manufacturer: Sunline

The strain a line can take.


The line you choose to use while lure fishing is about as important a decision as you'll make when fishing. From the ability to feel and correctly work your lure, to casting distance to the enjoyment of the fight, your line governs all of these factors. Moreover, you must be able to trust it; when you have the fish of a lifetime at the end of your line, it is time to enjoy the moment, not be panicking over whether your lines is going to suddenly give out! Sunline is simply as good as it gets- if the above is important to you, choose Sunline. 

Great value for money all purpose 4-strand braid from Sunline. This has incredibly high sensitivity, making ideal for lure anglers who demand the utmost information while working their lures. Bite detection, and enjoyment of the fight are simply outstanding. 

We've found that this Super Braid is particularly durable, and very abrasion resistant. It has Sunline's characteristic smoothness and whisper-quiet casting properties.

Spools of 150m

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