Sunline Super Cast PE Nage

Superb ultra long-distance casting line. Outstanding quality.
Manufacturer: Sunline

The strain a line can take.


The line you choose to use while lure fishing is about as important a decision as you'll make when fishing. From the ability to feel and correctly work your lure, to casting distance to the enjoyment of the fight, your line governs all of these factors. Moreover, you must be able to trust it; when you have the fish of a lifetime at the end of your line, it is time to enjoy the moment, not be panicking over whether your line is going to suddenly give out! Sunline is simply as good as it gets- if the above is important to you, choose Sunline. 

This is yet another brilliant line from the trend-setters at Sunline. With every one of their exquisite lines, the boundaries of lure fishing are advanced a little bit further. 

Featuring one of the most innovative and essential ideas in modern lure fishing line, Super Cast PE has different colours every 25m of line. This enables the angler to know precisely where they are in terms of line used, depth reach etc. Just a brilliant idea from Sunline!

  • Made with high molecular weight polyethylene “Super PE” for outstanding strength and sensitivity.
  • New surface resin processing technology for better slickness, reduced guide friction, and even better castability and durability.
  • With Sunline's new special dyeing process, the line is now even more vivid and visible in actual angling situations, and resists fading after use.

All spools are 200m

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