Super X-Layer 4 1/2"

The standard by which all other soft plastic lures must be judged!
Manufacturer: Megabass

One of the most talked about and successful soft plastics of recent years the Megabass X-Layer has recently been re-created by Megabass using new materials. The new Megabass Super X-Layer is still heavily scented and has the same internal rattle and ribbed sides but it's been made using VIOS Mineral Salt Gel.

The new material contains a mixture of salt and other minerals that combine to help increase your casting distance and fall speed. The VIOS Mineral Salt Gel is also slightly firmer than the material used in the original X-Layer creating a more durable bait.

Megabass X-Layer's can be fished either with a jig head, weightless or with a nail sinker - the video below shows a couple of fishing methods.

6 Xlayers per packet.

Products specifications
Stockcode XLAYER
Length 4 1/2" / 11.5cm
Depth Sinking
Species Bass, Wrasse, Pollack
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