Surface Lures

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Pulsion Popper TR135

Capable of being used for big bass or tropical game, the Pulsion knows how to ring the dinner bell for predators!
£15.98 £12.78

Saltwater Rattlin' Chug Bug CBS08

Classic, simple and cheap. The legendary Chug Bug is an industry standard!

Saltwater Sammy 128

Lucky Craft
One of those all-time classic surface lures, the Sammy is simply essential for any lure box.

Bent Minnow 106F


G-Splash 80

Lucky Craft
Superb surface lure. This popper really gets the predators interested.
£12.79 £10.22

Naja 105

Terrific stickbait, perfect for different forms of surface fishing for bass using 'walking the dog' type retrieves

Panic Prey 135

Savage Gear
Brilliant Patchinko-replica from Savage Gear with a very distinctive action. Great value for money.
£10.99 £8.78

Pop N' Skater 11

Terrific 'Walk the Dog' action surface lure. Deadly for bass.

Popkey 120F

Stunning Japanese surface lure. One of our favourites for targeting top water bass!

Ripple Popper 115

Tackle House
Outstanding Tackle House surface lure. We've caught many bass on these stunning lures.
£21.90 £18.61

Salt Skimmer 110F

The legendary IMA surface lure, with an absolutely unparalleled swimming action. Deadly.

Saltwater Gunfish 115

Lucky Craft
The Gunfish 115 is one of the most effective surface lures ever made.

Saltwater Gunfish 135

Lucky Craft
Quite possibly the greatest surface fishing lure ever manufactured, this is essential kit for those that like fishing topwater!

Saltwater Rattlin' Chug Bug CBS11

Storm's Saltwater Rattlin' Chug Bug has attained legendary status as one of the best surface lures around for UK bass.

Saltwater Sammy 100

Lucky Craft
For many people, the Saltwater Sammy 100 is the ultimate surface fishing lure.

Saltwater Sammy 115

Lucky Craft
As with the Sammy 100, the Sammy 115 defines surface 'Walk-the-dog' fishing success.

Skitter Pop SSP09

Exciting Rapala Surface lure designed to skitter along the topwater enticing action.

Skitter Pop SSP12

Saltwater version of the classic Skitter Pop.

Skitter Walk

Topwater "walk-the-dog" perfection! The Skitter Walk drives fish crazy splashing like a fleeing bait fish. Great surface lure.