Suspending Wildeye Swim Shad 4"

A great multi-species lure; deadly wherever it's used!
Manufacturer: Storm

This is a great multi-species lure. This bait can be fished in a variety of conditions and techniques, in either salt or fresh water. With neutral buoyancy, a rattle chamber, holographic flash foil and a life-like swimming action, this bait does all the work for you.

We have sold these lures to saltwater European bass fishermen, pike fishermen, for use in Norway for Coalies and Cod and for Golden Mahseer in the Himalayas. That is quite a CV for any lure!

- Rigged with VMC needle point back hook and treble belly hook

- Neutral buoyancy

- Rattle chamber

- Life-like swimming action

- Holographic flash foil to catch any natural light and produce a realistic shimmer


Products specifications
Stockcode SWSB04
Length 4"
Weight 22gm
Depth Suspending/slow sink
Species Bass, Pollack, Cod
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