Water Wolf Underwater Camera 1.0

The future of fishing photography is here with this incredible new underwater camera!
Manufacturer: Water Wolf

This has to be one of the most exciting products we have come across in a long time! The new Water Wolf Underwater camera is specifically designed for fishing. It has the ability to capture four hours of recording and has been tested down to depths of 100 meters! Perfect for shore or boat fishing, whether casting or deep jigging. See the numbers and behaviour of the fish where you're fishing, and make sure you film that amazing catch when it happens. 

The team at Monster Tackle have already been using these cameras and you can view some early test videos here:

And here:

It has also got a special feature to prevent it wobbling on the retrieve so that it will provide you with clear and still images of what goes on at the end of your line! This is an incredible opportunity for anglers to watch the action of their lures, the terrain in which they are fishing and how the fish are reacting to the lure.

The team here will be delighted to provide advice on using your new camera based on our many hours of experience with them thus far.

Features include:

-720p quality video

-4hrs recording time

-100m waterproof

-Colour recording

-Rechargeable Li-ion Battery

-Weighs only 58 grams and is only 120mm long

- Video capture - 120 x 90 degrees

- Micro SD Card recording (SD Card not included)



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